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Inventory & Contact Management for the Artworld

WrkLst is the premium art gallery software optimizing archives and workflows for galleries, artist studios, and collections alike.

From inventory preparation to exhibition planning, from sales to shipments — WrkLst is built for artworld professionals looking to ease and tweak their everyday hands-on business.

WrkLst is the product of over five years of applied prototyping and more than ten years of extensive testing in an international a-list art gallery.

Adhering to the highest industry standards in archive management, interface design, and security architecture alike, our software is continuously refined to stay state-of-the-art in data security and workflow integrability. With personal support only a call away, we pride ourselves in delivering an integrated boutique solution for seamless collaboration and easy access at hand.

Feel free to get in touch at any time.

We value WrkLst as an integral and foundational tool in implementing professional archiving practices and maximizing agency over the canon of the œuvre for many of the studios and estates we work with. The personal service coming with WrkLst is an invaluable asset in the work we do, from custom data migrations to the day-to-day support, we are genuinely impressed with the speed, quality, and simplicity, that WrkLst offers to us.
Ursula Davila-Villa,
Founder at Davila-Villa & Stothart, LLC
Using WrkLst has fundamentally changed the way I interact with my collection:
It is such a joy to have everything at the tip of my fingers and be able to browse and share artworks and thus develop new projects no matter where I’m at.
Konstantin Haubrok, Collector and Curator
For us, there is no better software solution for a commercial gallery than WrkLst, which is absolutely central to our business. As WrkLst’s first customer, we have had the privilege to have it being developed specifically for our business needs and to enjoy the individualized customer service, the continually evolving optimization and the keen response to our ever changing needs as our gallery keeps growing.
Susanne Vielmetter, Gallerist

WrkLst is used by galleries, artist studios, and collections all over the world. Learn more about some of our applied use cases here.

Features & Services

WrkLst is continuously being refined and enhanced, adapting to our customers’ specific needs as well as the advancing requirements of modern computing interfaces.

Have a closer look at some of our current facts and features down below.


Modern and Professional Artwork Inventory. Based upon decades of experience working for galleries, museums, artists and collections, WrkLst offers a flexible and precise way of keeping inventory of artworks and everything that relates to it seriously.


A fully linked address book, that makes every transaction in WrkLst personal. Gain complete overview over a contacts transactions. Track relationships between contacts and works, sales, consignments and so much more. Filter for relevant contacts to reach out to for an upcoming exhibition, gain actionable information in a simple and straightforward way. The fundamental structure of WrkLst is based on the relationship between works and contacts, because the relevance of art is boldened by the people that interact with it.


From offers, holds to sales and donations: WrkLst gives you the structure to keep proper record from your in house as well as external sales, including full financial information.

With its flexible template engine, WrkLst can generate all sorts of documents from this, such as Invoices, Statements and much more.

Fully searchable and linked up through contacts and the works, you will find all the relevant information from any angle. Mark sales to represent your particular scenario: Auctions, museum sale, sale through a consultant, third party sale — the flexible interface covers all the usual cases and makes it easy to find the entered information later on.


Store all relevant information for any exhibition within WrkLst. Fully link all works to an exhibition, store relevant documents and installation images with the exhibition.


Track all your shipments of works and other items within WrkLst. Attach all relevant documents, such as pro-forma invoices and other customs papers. See all shipments with works and exhibitions and see relevant exhibitions and works within the shipment. Download pre-filled customs documents from your shipment in WrkLst. For trackable carriers such as Fedex, DHL, UPS etc have direct access to to all tracking information and delivery status.


Keep record of all incoming, outgoing and third party consignments that are relevant to your workflow. Store relevant documents with your consignments as well as the relevant timeframes. Get notified about expiring consignments via email and in app notifications. See each works consignment status with the work, so you can make informed decisions when browsing for available works. The WrkLst consignment module makes managing consigned works a breeze and gives you a complete overview over your consignment flow. Calendar view allows you to see current consignments as well as consignments that are ending soon, so you keep ahead of your schedule.


The presentation module allows to present artwork images, captions and optionally availability and retail prices to a third party with a private link and customisable website.


Simple management of multiple artists biographies in a table format. Allows for export of table biographies as documents as well as synchronisation with webpages (via Wordpress plugin or custom integration, ask us about this). This is particularly relevant to environments where multiple biographies are kept current, such as galleries. This will allow to make WrkLst the one space where you keep biographies current, and all other places such as the website or PDFs and Word versions of the biography will derive from this.


The timeline feature is great for planning and keeping an overview for bigger teams and multiple exhibition spaces and events. It allows to list exhibitions, art fairs and any other event or project on a calendric timeline. You can add installation and deinstallation blocks to visualise the usage of a space as well as the involvement of your preparatory teams. This will make it easy to gain overview when planning exhibition schedules and prevent double booking and unnecessary stress on your preparatory teams.

Basket Selections & Lists

To make arbitrary selections in WrkLst we have a universal basket system, in which you select works like you would select products in a web-shop. This system allows to easily make selections throughout the system, which then can be used to create documents, exhibitions, consignments etc. These basket selections can also be stored as lists and later retrieved into the basket.

Documents Export

Thanks to WrkLst advanced template engine you can create different kind of documents with WrkLst. From simple tear-sheets, lists, consignment forms, condition reports and invoices to complex full fledged work reports, all documents can be customised to your specific needs including letterhead and font customisation. Documents can be created as Word, Spreadsheets (Excel as well as CSV) or PDF files.

Full Data Export

We strongly believe that the data you enter into WrkLst belongs to you. That is why, in addition to day-to-day exports, such as spreadsheets, PDF and Word documents your WrkLst database can also be exported as a complete SQL-dump on-demand. The SQL-dump represents a complete backup of your data at full resolution in a format that can be read by database technicians. With this we offer you full data freedom - should you ever decide to move to a different software, the information you have entered can be fully extracted and migrated into any system via a custom migration path.

Data Migration into WrkLst

We specialize in data migration, and we will help you prepare your existing information and will move it into WrkLst for you, so you don’t have to enter it manually. We have expertise migrating information from many inventory/database services/softwares, even if those services do not offer any kind of extensive export functionality. Migrations that require extensive data export and preparation work may incur migration fees – we will be happy to look at your case and give you an idea. Feel free to reach out!

Data Security

Our top priority is security – we pride ourselves on adhering to the highest industry standards in encryption technology and security architecture.

Specifically this means that all communication between you and our servers is encrypted in addition to your data being encrypted at rest. Each WrkLst account has its own database to architecturally separate data from different accounts in addition to having its own substructure for storing documents and images. Each user is forced to use a secure password that has high complexity to ensure securing account access. In addition all authentication forms have login throttling to prevent brute force attacks.

Within your account WrkLst supports advanced role based access policies, which allows for fine tuned control over which user can see and edit what kind of information, how much information a user can export etc. Our systems are running on solid linux based server systems that are continuously kept up to date with the latest security fixes.

The WrkLst software is continuously maintained to the newest developments and known security problems are fixed asap. We regularly update our systems as well as our keys to the systems, which we only store in advanced encrypted password and key vaults. We have a strict in house access policy for these vaults. In addition to having redundant server and storage systems we make incremental backups of your database as a measure to protect your data from data corruption and for disaster management reasons.

If you entrust us with your existing databases or spreadsheets for migration of data into WrkLst, we store these files on encrypted workstations with sophisticated access keys for preparation of the data transfer. All data transfers from these workstations to our WrkLst servers are encrypted as well – as a general rule we don’t use unencrypted data transfers. We are very positive that the level of security we provide for your data is superior to all in-house solutions and other cloud solutions we have seen over the last decade at artist studios, galleries and museums. Overall we are very confident we provide one of the highest standards in data protection without compromising you conveniently accessing your information in WrkLst.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@wrklst.art.


Using green data centers if possible as well as reducing energy consumption by optimising infrastructure and processes is an integral strategy for WrkLst. When we needed to find a highly flexible and super fast cloud infrastructure to host the WrkLst service, it was very difficult to find information on the energy efficiency and use as well as commitment for renewable energy by most players in the market. Amazon web services is the biggest player in the field, but as Greenpeace has repeatedly shown in their Click Clean reports is very intransparent when it comes to their environmental efforts and uses only 17% renewable energy (as of 2016, with a overall Rating of grade C). Thanks to the Click Clean report we were able to make an informed decision and went with Google. Their robust and super fast infrastructure is top of the line and is ratet with an overall grade A by Greenpeace. Apple and Facebook are leading the ranking, but do not offer their infrastructure to third parties. Because of that we went with Google, who is third in the report and the best infrastructure provider that also offers their service to third parties. Learn more about the Click Clean report at: http://www.clickclean.org/international/en/


WrkLst offers several integrations to streamline your workflows. The Mailchimp integration connects your contacts' email addresses with your Mailchimp account and allows to filter contacts by Mailchimp subscription status and rating as well as it gives you control to subscribe and unsubscribe contacts from your list. The Quickbooks Online (QBO) integration allows for one click copying of invoices and contacts into your Quickbooks Online bookkeeping software as well as easy linking between WrkLst and QBO invoices and clients. Our Wordpress plugin allows for easy access of works images with captions in your Wordpress based website as well as automatic synchronisation of artists biographies from WrkLst to you website. In general WrkLst offers custom integrations into existing systems, as WrkLst is based on established open communication standards and can easily be integrated into most modern web based systems to further optimise your workflows. Custom integrations are not included in WrkLst monthly pricing and may incur additional fees. We are happy to discuss any custom integration requirements - feel free to get in touch!

Selected Use Cases

WrkLst applied: Our software is used by galleries, studios, and collections all over the world — for some of them, we also developed entirely new websites and IT structures, integrating WrkLst as a workflow-optimized backend-solution.


Our pricing aims to adapt to the size of your database fairly and flexibly — based on the number of your records (= your works + your contacts) and starting at € 29.00 a month.


The schedule below shows you how our pricing plans are structured based on your overall requirements concerning records, storage, and users.

Records Including Price
more than
Dedicated enterprise service, custom tailored to your high performance needs

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Pricing FAQs

You can find some of our frequently asked questions down below. In case you need additional support, please feel free to reach out directly.

How is the amount of records calculated?

We count each work in your inventory and each contact in your address book as one record. Managed editions are each counted as one, even though they technically consist of as many records as the size of the edition. Any other entries such as exhibitions and consignments are considered meta information and do not count towards the pricing calculation.

What if my number of records changes over time?

As you use WrkLst, you will be charged the pricing tier fitting the amount of records you are using. As you create records, WrkLst pricing will automatically adapt to your use with prorating already paid fees toward the new pricing tier. There is also an option to manually downgrade accounts, should they use less records than previously charged.

What is my commitment?

Your WrkLst fees are pre-paid and your commitment is as long as your paid fees. You can cancel your subscription at any time in your subscription settings and will not be charged any additional fees. WrkLst will be available to you until already paid fees are used up.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer free trial periods as well as monthly pre-paid plans with low starting fees, so refunds are usually not necessary. Should you not want to continue using WrkLst and require a refund, please get in touch so we can find a solution.

Do prices include VAT?

All our prices are without VAT. If you are located in Germany, we will charge a 19% VAT (Mehrwertsteuer). If you are located in the EU we will require your EU VAT ID in order not to charge any VAT. Outside of the EU we will not charge any VAT to you.

How do I chose a yearly pricing plan?

By default your subscription will start with monthly pricing. You can switch to yearly pricing once you are subscribed in your subscription settings and save 10%. Please be advised that yearly pricing will charge the yearly fee in advance and commits your subscription for the year. Therefore yearly pricing is recommended for customers who had enough time to test WrkLst for their needs and are certain to use it at least for a year.

Do you offer a ‘light’ version?

WrkLst will always come with all features ready to be used. However, the interface can be adjusted and features can be deactivated to slim it down to your specific needs. Pricing however is only measured by the amount of records, users and storage and not by the features you use.

Can you help migrating data into WrkLst?

Yes, we specialise in migration of information into WrkLst from all sorts of data sources including most of database softwares. Feel free to tell us about your existing data so we can make an assessment.

WrkLst has been developed as my personal commitment to enable artworld professionals and ease their everyday business of handling what matters most — artworks and the people that really care about them. Originally initiated as an in-house solution for Vielmetter Los Angeles more than 15 years ago, our software is nowadays used by galleries, artist studios, and collections all over the world.

In everything we do, we strive to help optimize your workflows and artwork archives, allowing you to work effectively and efficiently and, hopefully, making the tasks at hand a bit more fun.

I would like to thank everyone involved in making WrkLst possible and advancing it every day, especially our board of advisors:

  • Galleries:
    Vielmetter Los Angeles, Aurel Scheibler, Pio Pico, Anat Ebgi, Lars Friedrich, Ever Gold [Projects]
  • Artist Studios/Estates:
    Nicole Eisenman, Charles Gaines, Danh Vo, Nairy Baghramian, Vanessa Beecroft, Mieke Marple, Elfie Semotan, Estate Kurt Kocherscheidt
  • Collections:
    Konstantin Haubrok, Frank Masi & Donna Kolb

Tobias Vielmetter-Diekmann
Founder and CEO

Louise Fishman Artist Estate, New York CityHannah Hallermann Artist, BerlinDanh Vo Artist, BerlinAurel Scheibler Gallery, BerlinVanessa Beecroft Artist, Los AngelesMonica Bonvicini Artist, BerlinNicole Eisenman Artist, New York CitySteve Roden Artist, Los AngelesKurt Kocherscheidt Artist Estate, ViennaCharles Gaines Artist, Los AngelesEver Gold [Projects] Gallery, San FranciscoSow & Tailor Gallery, Los AngelesMarie Luise Marchand Artist, BerlinCasemore Gallery Gallery, San FranciscoKonstantin Haubrok Collector & Curator, BerlinVielmetter Los Angeles Gallery, Los AngelesMieke Marple Artist, writer, art & tech consultant, Los AngelesCecilia Vicuña Artist, New YorkM LeBlanc Gallery, ChicagoAndrea Bowers Artist, Los AngelesLars Friedrich Gallery, BerlinElfie Semotan Artist, ViennaNairy Baghramian Artist, Berlin
Louise Fishman Artist Estate, New York CityHannah Hallermann Artist, BerlinDanh Vo Artist, BerlinAurel Scheibler Gallery, BerlinVanessa Beecroft Artist, Los AngelesMonica Bonvicini Artist, BerlinNicole Eisenman Artist, New York CitySteve Roden Artist, Los AngelesKurt Kocherscheidt Artist Estate, ViennaCharles Gaines Artist, Los AngelesEver Gold [Projects] Gallery, San FranciscoSow & Tailor Gallery, Los AngelesMarie Luise Marchand Artist, BerlinCasemore Gallery Gallery, San FranciscoKonstantin Haubrok Collector & Curator, BerlinVielmetter Los Angeles Gallery, Los AngelesMieke Marple Artist, writer, art & tech consultant, Los AngelesCecilia Vicuña Artist, New YorkM LeBlanc Gallery, ChicagoAndrea Bowers Artist, Los AngelesLars Friedrich Gallery, BerlinElfie Semotan Artist, ViennaNairy Baghramian Artist, Berlin
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