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Artwork Inventory

Manage your entire artwork inventory. Always keep track of the works location, availability and ownership and have all the works details available at your finger tips. Export as pdf, word, excel, email or easily copy prepared captions and images in ready to process formats.


Have all internal and external exhibitions in one place. Print exhibition lists, make exhibition presentations and save all relevant information with the exhibition in question.

Holds & Sales

Track all of your holds and sales with WrkLst. Follow up on holds and easily minimise any risk to double offer.


Track all your shipments of artwork and other items. See where your packages are.


Make lists of Contacts or Works that you can use to plan all sorts of events.

Contact Management

WrkLst features a full-fledged contact management that is fully integrated into the system to make all the transactions personal. Find out who bought what, how much,  supports whom, etc. With linking contacts to all processes, WrkLst allows you to gain a complete overview of your transactions.


Save all your consignments in WrkLst to keep track of them. Save the appropriate conditions with your consignments to always have them handy.

Media Library

The media library is the one central place where you find all your images and documents you upload throughout the system. Got a batch of 100 new photos to make available in WrkLst? Just upload them into the media library all at once and use them later on as images for works, contacts or installation shots for an exhibition. Looking for a document or image, you have used before? Just search for it in the media library and see where it has been used.